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Before his breakthrough script for "Do Elephants Pray?" Jonnie wrote and produced the feature "Animals" for Jaffa Films. Production work includes the features "Black Smoke Rising", and "Monk3ys" which won the award for Best Microbudget Feature at the Raindance Film Festival in 2011 just 6 months after the shoot. He is unique in being the first producer to have a feature premier at Raindance three years in a row. Later in 2011 he was co-producer on the horror sequel "World of the Dead" for the Weinstein Company. His production experience also includes stints as Associate Producer / Production Manager for Aviary Films on four features "Naachle London", "Unhallowed Ground", "Servants Quarters" & "White Chamber" as well as Co-Producer for the music revenge thriller "Over & Over" for Department F Films.

Jonnie is also developing the 1960s feature "The Mod King" with Producer Mark Forstater (Monty Python & The Holy Grail) and screenwriter Peter Cox (Brookside). In 2013 he branched into directing, starting as co-director on the multi award-winning short "King John Act IV Sc. i" for Strawburn Films, then helming the short film "The Girl Who Ran Away (Scared) From The World" and then co-directing the feature "In Circles", based on real events around the making of, and research into, the clandestine and contentious world of Crop Circles based in his home county of Wiltshire.

"Boston Kickout is an electrifying British debut" Empire Magazine
"A must see" Premiere Magazine
"One of the BEST British films I've seen" Danny Boyle. (Director of Slumdog Millionaire,Trainspotting, Sunshine).

Paul started out making as a prolific maker of Super 8 shorts in his teens. In 1991 Paul embarked on the feature film "The Frontline", a crazy endeavour, shot at weekends over a period of six months, alhough nearly destroying him financially and mentally, upon its release in 1993, it received much acclaim. "Boston Kickout", Paul's award winning autobiographical 1996 film, screened at over 50 international film festivals, including Cairo and Tokyo. It was runner up in audience votes at the London and San Sebastian Film Festivals and winner at the Bermuda Film Festival. At the Valencia Cinema Jove Film Festival it won "Best Film" and the lead actor, John Simm "Best Actor". His third feature "The Poet" (2003) starred Dougray Scott and Laura Harring. After shooting "Do Elephants Pray?" Paul wrote and directed his fifth feature "The Power" completed in 2016.

Ian Manson is an uncompromising film producer/writer who has taken no short cuts in establishing his film career. His first professional assignment was to work as first assistant director to Lindsay Shonteff ("Permissive", "How Sleep the Brave" and "Big Zappa’s Blade") on his last ever feature film "Angels, Devils and Men". Lindsay has posthumously been venerated by the BFI and is described as the master of b movie film-making. Ian has always taken with him the lessons learned in making every 10 pounds spent in a budget look like 100 pounds on screen. His next projects were collaborations with Caleb Lindsay (winner of the London Film Festival for “Understanding Jane”) on their project "Seven Seconds to Heaven" as both co-writer and Producer, then with Steve Norris on an art house piece called "A short film about a Polish film director", which exhibited at Tate Modern as part of the personality plus show. Through a new friendship with Jonnie Hurn, Ian joined Elephant Features and the Monk3ys Ink team on the films "Monk3ys" (Raindance Film Festival microbudget award) "Black Smoke Rising" and more recently "The Devil’s Bargain". 2013 saw him co-produce and co-direct the feature "In Circles" for Elephant Features. Ian has also worked with Paul Hills on his most recent feature film "The Power" and with Peter Dixon on his Dogma 95 inspired film "Set Piece". Ian is also producing "The Mod King" with Mark Forstater (Monty Python & The Holy Grail).

Growing up in Milton Keynes Steve swapped the concrete cows for real ones and moved to the North West of England to study drama and computing. This led to a job lasting just over a year selling his house to begin a new life as a producer on micro budget feature "Somnolence". Having been responsible for introducing Paul Hills and Jonnie Hurn in 2003 Steve joined Elephant Features as  an Executive Producer on "Do Elephants Pray?" and Co-Executive Producer on "Monk3ys". In 2011 Steve worked as Associate Producer alongside Paul and veteran Hollywood producer Mark Forstater on Paul Hills’ fifth feature "The Power".

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