Elephant Features Ltd

What if you fell in love with the impossible dream of

a woman who lives in a world you don’t understand ?

When he breaks his leg Tony, a young shy virginal 22yr, is dragged to a weekend convention in Blackpool by his estranged magic-loving Grandfather, making his last annual pilgrimage.

There he meets and falls for Debra, a glamorous yet deeply unhappy Magician’s Assistant who is nightly impaled by “The Amazing Sorcarski” a Horror-themed Illusionist with a craving for adulation and a dangerous new illusion that will make him famous but jeopardise her. But despite an embarrassing first meeting Debra befriends Tony and through her he learns that Frank was very well respected and much loved in his day. However, when having learnt about magic from his Grandfather to win Debra’s heart, Tony discovers that she is locked in a bitter divorce with “Eccles” a sad-faced Clown who is obsessively stalking her and wants to escape this fake world of illusion he is thrust between the two rivals forcing him to overcome his shyness and stand up for the woman he has fallen for.


Abra-Ca-Debra is a very British comedy loosely based on a true story. It is being developed by Elephant Features with the backing of The Magic Circle.

Shooting on location in Blackpool and Milton Keynes the film aims to encapsulate the rich visual tapestries of the English coastal resort and the world of stage illusions featuring many classic and original magic tricks and just like any good magician all the illusions featured will be done for real "in camera" and not relying on camera tricks...

...and no, we won't be giving away any secrets!

"The characters are great fun, the dialogue is sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and the story has a really old-fashioned feel-good heart of gold quality about it." 
Richard Johns - Warp X Productions.