Elephant Features Ltd

Elephant Features was established in 2007 by Paul Hills and Jonnie Hurn to produce the film "Do Elephants Pray?" (written by Jonnie Hurn & directed by Paul Hills, starring Julie Dray, Marc Warren, Grace Vallorani).  Winner of 8 international festival awards it was released in 2013. 

In 2011 Steve Di Marco joined as Executive Producer on their second feature "Monk3ys" (written & directed by Drew Cullingham, starring Ian Virgo, James Fisher, Rosanna Hoult). It premiered at the Raindance Film Festival that year winning the Microbudget Award.

In 2013  Ian Manson joined as a producer for the short film "The Girl Who Ran Away (Scared) From The World" (written by Claire Yeowart & directed by Jonnie Hurn) and then that summer Manson & Hurn co-wrote, produced & directed the feature "In Circles" set in the clandestine and contentious world of crop circles (starring James Fisher, Cassandra Thomas, Chloe Farnworth, Dan Burman).

Global sales are through Adler & Associates and it is released in the USA / Canada in May 2017 through 108 Media with releases in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Scandinavia and Germany later in 2017.

Their next film will be the Magic Show comedy "Abra-Ca-Debra" set in Blackpool at the annual Magic Convention.

Following that will be the adaptation of the celebrated book "Rat Scabies & The Holy Grail", described as "The Punk Da Vinci Code!" It will be shot in the UK and the South of France.